End-to-end (or 360 °) loyalty


Support on all issues of loyalty and maintaining customer relations: Concept, process, architecture, budget, profitability study. Document all the technical and functional aspects of the proposed solutions.


Define, develop and deploy innovative technology solutions that meet the loyalty strategy and offer an intuitive customer experience. Manage customer activity thanks to a multitude of dedicated dashboards designed especially for loyalty.


Advise, design, and lead ultra-targeted marketing operations allowing real-time activity monitoring. Define and source rewards in line with the needs of program members. Operational monitoring of the development of the activity.


Collect, analyze and exploit customer knowledge for impactful marketing strategies. Convert the information gathered into reliable behavioral segmentation. Adapt communication and commercial offer according to established profiling. Why are we talking about the stages of the Project? it is not attractive.

Our Basics


Increased sales

2WLS products and services are focused on increasing the sales of our clients. Our core business is development. Development at all levels: at the level of operations and the level of customer relations.

Effective actions

All 2WLS services are profitable for our customers first. A basic principle: they are more profitable than they cost.

Real time Reporting

What is not measured is not improving. No measure is a form of going blind. Missions and profitability tracking by real time / online reporting, correlating each component shares and observed results and continuously measuring the R.O.I.

Value creation

Besides the development of turnover, 2WLS services are fundamentally creating "marketing value." This value enriches and makes more creative operational levels as well as it strongly implements the corporate marketing strategy